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It is nice that the playlists offer the ability to name using capital letters and spaces, but it is a bit hard to navigate because you will have to use the scroll dial to add each character to the playlist name. It would have been nice to be able to use phrases and words to search for a particular track, album, artist, playlist, and genre in the respective sub-menus.

It should be easy to add this feature - Creative just needs to extend the query option and change the interface a bit, which they already have in place for naming playlists. The volume screen will pop up for a few seconds no matter where you are in the OS, and is similar to the one used for the Muvo series, though it doesn't take up the entire screen. Hitting the voice recording option brings you to a sub-menu similar to the one for playlists, albums, artists, and genres. The difference is that there are no categories here, as each recording entry is counted as a single track.

What the World Needs Now: Another Dell MP3 Player

The date and time of when the recording ended is used as the recording name. Note that the date and time in our snapshot is incorrect. This is because we took the picture shortly after taking the unit apart, which restarted the internal clock. Hooking up the Dell DJ to the computer installed with the correct drivers will automatically update the clock to the computer's time when the DJ is accessed. An actual recording can be made by pressing the record button on the left side of the Digital Jukebox, which brings you to a new voice recordings menu that can be only accessed by the record button.

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At this point, the backlight automatically shuts off until you exit the voice recordings screen. Initializing a recording brings a screen with a sound meter, track progress, track time, and recording status displayed. The sound meter is fairly modest, as it isn't good enough to be used to make good lecture hall recordings, but it is suited well for meetings in small rooms and personal reminders.

Knowing Your Market

Well, we did. And it was a resounding success. Oprah Winfrey declared the Dell DJ one of her favorite things of , while the "Dell DJ" brand becamenearly synonymous with the idea of listening to music while walkingaround. Even our ads were huge, and became responsible for breakingseveral up-and-coming bands. Our power in the digital music marketplacehas morphed into power over music in general, to the point that themajor labels have been forced to take strategic steps to combat ourdominance. Wait, that wasn't us. Who was I thinking of? Oh, nevermind. I know what you're thinking Apple's near ownership ofthe North American MP3 player market looks like it's going to lastuntil everyone switches to using telephones or sunglasses to listen to music, and even then, Steve Jobs is pretty well positionedto continue drinking our milkshake well into the 24th century.

Because we bought a company that makes it possible, and are pretty sure that Apple will never beable to create something similar. Woah, I nearly forgot to mention the subscription service that goesalong with this thing. We're going to charge people a monthly fee foraccess to Microsoft-DRMed music. Sure, Yahoo, which has all sorts ofexperience running music sites, abandoned this exact strategy earlier this year. But what do they know? No cables or power cord.

Is The Dell DJ Obslete?

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