High Density Digital Recording

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On the High Density Recording of the Compact Cassette Digital Recorder

USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. These widespread uses generate a continually increasing demand for both increased information storage densities and capacities, and for reduced access times.

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Hence, the materials engineering of high density storage media, with a high signal to noise ratio, and the associated design of sophisticated read and write heads, form the basis of major technological research. This research is especially complex because, ideally, the recorded information should be both erasable and, at the same time, secure and accessible over periods of many decades.

As a result, research on these complex problems requires a multidisciplinary approach which utilizes the expertise in such widely differing fields as organic, inorganic, and solid state chemistry, metallurgy, solid state physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, and systems analysis. Often, further research specialization is necessary in each of these different disciplines. For instance, solid state physics and chemistry address the problems of crystallographic structure and phase diagram determination, magnetism, and optics, but more advanced research methods, such as high resolution electron microscopy and electronic band structure calculations, are necessary to understand the microstructure of particulate recording media or the electronic spectra of magneto-optical recording media.

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Grandjean, G. Digital Magnetic Recording; S. Properties of Particulate Recording Media; R.

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Chantrell, K. Considerations; H. Ultra-Thin Film Magnetism; U. Structure and Stability of Amorphous Alloys; K. Harris, W. Elam, N.

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Magneto-Optic Drive Systems; E. Patel, R. Noyau, E. Magneto-Optical Recording Applications; E. Author Index. Subject Index.

Write-once optical disk system measuring mm using high-density, pit-edge recording.

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    Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording: Storage Materials and Media Designs

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