The New economics of human behavior

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The conference revealed a need to remodel economic man to reflect what we know about the complexity of human behavior. It suggested that additional work in this area would likely yield significant benefits. Richard W. Kopcke, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

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Geoffrey M. Tootell bos. President Rosengren. By Richard W. September 1, PDF version pdf. Key Themes Because human brains have evolved to solve complex social problems, people's behavior tends to change as their circumstances change, undermining consistency across time and context; however, this lack of consistency is not a fault — rather, it is a defining capacity that enables us to engage in complex social situations.

Although individuals perceive themselves to be unitary creatures, that impression is largely illusory; the brain consists of multiple subsystems, and, although the various subsystems do communicate, the dominant role shifts across subsystems according to context. Unconscious behaviors are the ones that are relatively predictable; it is consciousness that introduces the element of unpredictability in human behavior.

The understanding of where people go wrong can help people go right. This approach complements and enhances the rational choice model. Brocas I. Dual-process theories of decision-making: A selective survey. Kurzban Robert Princeton University Press. A great short summary, though I would add that limits on hyper rational thinking are actually rational in the meta sense that the brain's cognitive processing power is finite and so rules of thumb are unavoidable.

As the joke goes if we really ran the numbers to calculate every possible permutation and combination of purchase quantities and prices when we first walked into a supermarket we'd be stuck there all day.

Economics: The Discipline That Refuses to Change

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Behavioral economics: Why is it important to look at human behavior?

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Shahram Heshmat Ph. Connect with me on LinkedIn. What Is Behavioral Economics? Helping people lead healthier and happier lives. References Brocas I. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Helping people lead healthier and happier lives.

Tononi, Giulio Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul. Thanks Fitz!

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The New Economics of Human Behaviour

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