Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment?

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A Taste of Sociology: Vegetarianism as a Social Movement

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    Telfer, Elizabeth Food for Thought. Philosophy and Food. London: Routledge. Watson, Burton The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu. One can WTiile there is much overlap between the only hope so. Donna Maurer. Maurer also states that these ISBN: ISBN: 1- movements have few cross-pollinating cam- X.

    The two-centuries-old vegetarian movement Maurer reports that the number of vege- has been a surprisingly neglected area of aca- tarians in North America has historically demic study. Donna Maurer states that nutri- remained fairly stable, around 1 to 2. However, she also reports tists. Maurer's book, a result of several years dramatic increases in production and con- of study as both an observer and participant sumption of soy products, especially altema- of the movement, is an important contribu- tives to meat, in grocery stores and tion to a basic understanding of the goals, restaurants.

    When surveys ask individuals to self- what of a structural critique, still avoids the identify as vegetarians, rather than identifying explicit sociological analysis of how structur- them by an operationalized definition based al and institutional power and privilege on actual behavior, the percentage of vege- impacts individual choice and action. And, of tarians increases to more than 8 percent p.

    So, there is an increase in vegetable or explicit call for promoting the common good plant-centered eating but not a collective by confronting the common harm through commitment to avoiding animal-based foods personal and collective political action. Maurer's Vegetarianism, while dabbling in Perhaps this is because there has not been these areas, does not fill this gap well either, a successful presentation of a clear and pre- but then, that may not be the intention.

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    She states that vegetarians for further research that will benefit social increased in the United Kingdom from 5. One important area for further research cow disease outbreak. More important, it would be to explore feminist theory and the may also be related to the easy commercial issue of gender and vegetarianism, since cooptation of a self-help, self-health con- about 70 percent of vegetarians p.

    Vegetarianism: Balancing the Intersection of Health, Ethics and Everything In-Between

    Does the male dominance we see in that institutionalizes the power and ideology other social movements occur organizational- of corporate agribusiness throughout govem- ly in the vegetarian movement and limit its ment agencies, medical schools, media cor- growth? Another area to study would be veg- porations, advertising, and law. To her credit, etarian campaigns that attempt to confront Maurer distinguishes between the vegetarian corporate power and counterattacks to the movement being more a cultural movement vegetarian movement.

    Finally, a more than a political movement. Her research also detailed study of organizational development reveals the lack of structured organization and mobilization of movement resources of and political goals of many of the local orga- the vegetarian movement and a comparison nizations she surveyed. And it provides a clear suing the meat industry.

    From Pythagorean to Pescatarian – The Evolution of Vegetarianism

    Recent fast food law- clarion call for a moral ideology to move the suits initiated by public interest lawyer John vegetarian movement from the margins to Banzhaf, are likely to fail because of the abil- the center of cultural change for social jus- ity of corporate lawyers to be convincing in tice. Melanie DiiPuis. New that diet is a personal choice. York: New York University Press, ISBN: Popular critiques of the langjj ctruax.

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    East Eood Got milk? Americans certainly do. With pro- Nation, still avoid promotion of vegetarian- duction in excess of billion pounds a ism. Related Papers.