Augmented Reality: An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR

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This type of AR negates the need for a screen or headset and allows users to create surreal experiences for large audiences. While impressive, projection AR isn't always the most practical option for smaller scale uses. Instead of changing an entire scene, this type of AR uses image recognition to outline boundaries and shapes.

It is most commonly used to help drivers see the edges of the road in low-light and to guide pilots towards landing strips. Virtual reality also goes one step beyond AR to create entirely new digital worlds.

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When using VR, what you see and experience is different from what's actually around you. What you see and hear is entirely simulated.

5 Top Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology trends for 12222

AR is less intrusive and easier to apply to everyday life since it combines added digital elements with the physical world around you. As you may have guessed, augmented reality has many uses beyond just digitally imposing flower crowns on your head or catching Pokemon.

Because the technology is so adaptable, you can use AR just about everything. Here we'll talk about some of the more popular applications for augmented reality and provide some examples of it in use. Just the basics like quality food, complimentary drinks, in-flight movies, a checked bag or two, free Wi-Fi, live TV, priority lounges, and pilots who can take off and land the plane. Augmented reality is helping with at least one of those things. Companies like Aero Glass have created augmented reality headsets that display airports, cities, navigation points, terrain features, other aircraft, and landing approaches for pilots.

These features help pilots operate their planes, even when clouds or fog reduce visibility, which keeps flights safe and on time. Navion also introduces gesture control commands to prevent drivers from looking down at their phones to enter or change a route. In addition to more intuitive navigation, these kinds of AR integrations have the potential to make roads safer by reducing the amount of time drivers spend looking away from the road.

This "try before you buy" model isn't limited to Scandinavian furniture stores — architects and engineers are also using augmented reality to sample building materials, finishes, and layouts before committing to a direction. The app also has pre-generated looks created by Sephora makeup artists and interactive tutorials that show how to use different makeup products. Apps like Virtual Artist remove barriers for consumers and help provide a clear path to purchase.

Augmented reality also has the potential to enhance education and learning. AR can transform textbooks and classrooms by turning previously static charts and images into interactive experiences. Even flashcards, one of the simplest studying tools, can be improved with AR. Apps like AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet help young children learn the alphabet by bringing their flashcards to life. Augmented reality is even changing the way we buy tickets to the Super Bowl. Bank Stadium as well as the surrounding area.

After launching that feature, StubHub saw engagement double in a year. Major sporting leagues have also embraced augmented reality as a way to enhance the viewing experience for their fans. Augmented reality's ability to create unique, immersive experiences makes the technology an excellent tool for marketers.

These digital trial runs make sampling significantly easier and faster for shoppers, which can lead to more sales. Even advertisements are made using AR.

Many popular brands used AR in public spaces to delight viewers and grab their attention. In , Pepsi installed outward facing cameras in a London bus shelter and used a live feed to project UFOs, giant robots, balloons, and a tiger on the loose inside the shelter. The experience made it look as if those scenes were actually happening on the street. The creative use of AR paid off for Pepsi.

A YouTube video of the installation topped 6 million views, making it one of the most watched ad campaigns on YouTube at the time. Some of the most promising applications for AR are within the healthcare industry. Today, medical students and doctors are using AR to learn or practice medical procedures.

But AR's usefulness isn't just limited to life-threatening situations.

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AR is also helping some patients with their recovery process. One company, called NuEyes, uses special AR glasses to help people with severe vision impairment. With the technology, NuEyes can help legally blind children see well enough to read and recognize their classmates.

By projecting a digital limb on to the patient, researchers were able to trick their brain into thinking the amputated limb was still there. This projection, paired with electrodes, allowed patients to practice relaxing the digital limb to ease their pain. With new AR developer platforms from Apple and Google, enterprise companies are beginning to experiment with the technology. Talk about a growth opportunity! Growing businesses should make it a practice to look out for similar ways to inexpensively partner with existing AR experiences. If you'd like to create an AR experience of your own, we recommend starting with your customer journey and working outwards from there.

Any company can build an AR application, but not all of them will provide value to their customers. AR should make it easier for your customers to interact with your brand in a meaningful way that drives them to purchase. For example, if you sell physical products, let your consumers imagine or try them at home. For businesses with a great idea and technical abilities, adopting AR early could pay off in a big way.

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While augmented reality has been around for several decades, we are only just learning about and experiencing its true potential. The technology's numerous adaptations are helping to increase our productivity, standard of living, and quality of entertainment. Originally published Oct 10, AM, updated October 23 Contact Us. Investors Investor Relations.

A comprehensive Guide to Augmented Reality

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Topics: Augmented Reality AR. Don't forget to share this post! Download for Later. Thus talking about AR service, all products that are going to be purchased have more chance to reduce the return rate.

Augmented Reality – A Dummy's Guide To AR

A user without any doubt will purchase the items as AR provides an interactive experience. Whereas, AR offers a level of personalization to the customers where they may see themselves in all of the outfits to know which would look best on them. AR act as a guide when it comes to providing support to the shoppers. Thus, AR can allow business to offer its customers with informed purchase decisions.

This way the user can virtually try out their products simultaneously as AR is there to help them choose which one is best. There are many AR solutions for eCommerce businesses where a virtual salesperson can assist users while shopping. AR is helping many businesses to offer the customer with a personalized experience touch while shopping. The user can shop without any compromise when it comes about interests and choice. Moreover, AR is improving the shopping experience with virtual dimensions and colors of the products. AR can support users who are looking for help to find which item is best suitable for them.

Customers are very concerned about the sizes and designs while shopping online. Thus, AR has the ability to integrate real objects into projected images. Focusing on eCommerce, AR creates a virtual shopping window to help users with an integration of artificial intelligence. This provides a more engaging way to browse through the various products to shoppers. AR is adding value to customer experience to stay engaged on retailer platforms.

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It is one of the key players in the industry in driving in-store traffic. The try-on solution is one of the major players among emerging solutions as it helps to drive cross-channel traffic and attract shoppers. From the user perspective, it provides a richer experience for online shoppers. VR try-on solutions are acting as a revolutionary solution for retailers and a marketing connection, for example, watches and jewelry, shoes, furniture, clothes and many more.

The Body Measurement App has a goal to offer the user the most accurate virtual fitting of the body. This AR solution is to a better way to the measure the fitting of the user which is revolutionary in eCommerce. We are aware that fitting is a basic problem while buying clothes or any wearable products online. Therefore, Body measurement App offers the online user to try a product that accurately fits their body before taking the final decision. AR user manual demonstrates the process of reading a manual of appliances in an interactive way with a step-by-step virtual guide.

Users without any hassles using smart devices can easily go through the details of the product. It also reduces the time and the fear of unknown risks while going through the manual of any appliances. With an immersive 3D experience integrated with AR Technology, AR manual increases the percentage of understandability.