Integrative Therapies in Lung Health and Sleep

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What's Happening. Keeping it safe at the farmers market. Preventing strokes in patients with AFib. Understanding the difference between heart failure and asthma. Summer snacking. Statistical differences between groups were observed in age at recruitment, sex, number stage at first diagnosis, number stage at the first visit to the integrative cancer center, experience with previous conventional treatments, and purpose of TKM Table 1.

In terms of histopathology, 45 of the study patients had adenocarcinoma, 14 squamous cell carcinoma SCC , 9 small cell lung carcinoma SCLC , and 1 another pathological type of cancer. No patients presented with large cell cancer.

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The results demonstrated that the majority of patients with lung cancer who visited the integrative cancer center presented with cancer in an advanced stage stage IIIB—IV. At the first visit to the EWCC, Furthermore, among 83 patients mono-TKM group: 35, ICT group: 34, preventive group: 14 whose data on stages were obtained at both the first diagnosis and the first visit to integrative cancer center, This means that the proportion of patients in the preventive group 7 of 14 patients, Of 91 patients, 46 The data of 45 patients were right censored.

The median survival time MST of the 91 patients was 7. Kaplan-Meier survival curves and P values were presented with crude HR and adjusted HR, along with the number of patients involved.

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Figure 1 shows a Kaplan-Meier plot of survival time by stage at the first visit to the integrative cancer center. Figures 2 and 3 show Kaplan-Meier curves of patient survival by treatment group for all subjects and for the subjects who underwent ACTKMT, respectively. However, the HR changed from 0. That is, the mortality rates of the ICT group and the mono-TKM group were no longer significantly different when the distributions of confounders were balanced. Figure 4 shows Kaplan-Meier curve of patients who received anticancer TKM treatment in comparison with those who received symptom management.

After adjusting for age, sex, previous CCT status, and different treatment group status, HR changed to 0. As the Sankey diagram shows in Figure 5 , the patients with advanced lung cancer constitute the majority of patients in the integrative cancer center in Korea. Almost half of the mono-TKM group was patients who had never undergone previous conventional treatment due to either their medical condition not being amenable to any treatment or their refusal. As shown on the right side of this diagram, The only The results of this retrospective cohort study showed that the population who visited the integrative cancer center involved more patients with advanced lung cancer or with progressive disease than patients with early stage of cancer.

In the adjusted model, ICT showed positive tendency on survival probability of patients but without statistical significance.

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Currently, surgery for patients with cancers in the operable state, chemotherapy, radiation, and chemoradiation are proposed as standard treatments for patients with NSCLC in stages IA to IIIA, whereas surgical resection, chemoradiation, systemic therapy according to the molecular testing, and local therapy are provided to such patients with such cancers in stages IIIB to IVB. Chemotherapy alone is recommended, but radiotherapy may be used as a palliative care, for patients with extensive-stage SCLC.

Many changes in CCT have resulted from molecular discoveries. Targeted agents to inhibit mutations of the epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR or the abnormal fusion of anaplastic lymphoma kinase have been developed, and their use to treat patients has led to superior outcomes in comparison to previous systemic treatments.

A number of previous studies showed that the ICT can increase anticancer efficacy in patients with lung cancer. Also, several studies have revealed the clinical benefits, such as an analgesic effect, ease of breathing, relief of anxiety, etc, of integrative therapies for patients with lung cancer. Indirectly, MSTs pooled from this study and the results from present studies were compared.

The pooled mean survival was 5. A systematic review reported MST ranged from 6. This formula was demonstrated to inhibit metastasis and recurrence via inhibiting angiogenesis and tumor cell proliferation. Cultivated wild ginseng pharmacopuncture is a new acupuncture technique which injects distilled extract from cultivated wild ginseng into acupuncture points or within a vein [46] ; this pharmacopuncture may complement low oral bioavailabilities of ginsenosides and its metabolites. As we had already found that patients with an advanced stage of lung cancer had worse survival rate than those with an early stage Fig.

Also, a potential bias of a small number of sizes might have been present. In addition, Table 1 and a Sankey diagram Fig. Therefore, the results of the survival analysis by treatment group must be evaluated cautiously. In addition, survival superiority of the ICT group to the mono-TKM group was not statistically significant in the adjusted model. Nevertheless, this retrospective cohort study has strengths. To our knowledge, this longitudinal study is the first study to determine the influence of ICT in TKM for cancer treatment in an actual integrative clinical setting in Korea.

The analyses suggest that compared to TKM treatment alone, integrative treatments have potential to improve survival in patients with lung cancer. Also, as the results demonstrated prominent clinical heterogeneities between treatment groups, a further prospective cohort study with a study design adjusting for these heterogeneities is required to assess the effects of ACTKMT on survival outcomes in patients with cancer. This retrospective cohort study suggests that, in comparison to patients with lung cancer who undergo TKM alone, those who undergo integrative treatment of TKM and CCT may experience increased survival.

These results should, however, be interpreted with caution, considering nonsignificance in the adjusted model, heterogeneity between the treatment groups, and small number of size. Thus, further cohort studies with a rigorous prospective study design are required. The research team would like to give thanks to research assistant Ji Hye Kil, who collected and coded data for this study. Conceptualization: Mi Kyung Kim. Data curation: Kyeore Bae. Investigation: Kyeore Bae, So-jung Park.

Methodology: Kyeore Bae. Project administration: Mi Kyung Kim. Resources: Jeehye Kim. Software: Ji-Sook Kong. Validation: Jeehye Kim. Visualization: Ji-Sook Kong. Writing — original draft: Kyeore Bae, Eunseok Kim. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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How Integrative Therapies Can Help Lung Cancer Patients

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