Interpreting International Politics

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Michael Pusey. On Society.

Anthony Elliott. Andrew J. A Feminist Voyage through International Relations. Ann Tickner. Routledge Handbook of Identity Studies. Profit and Pleasure. Rosemary Hennessy. The Democratic Theory of Michael Oakeshott. Michael Minch. Encountering Education in the Global. Fazal Rizvi. The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory. Lisa Disch. Reconsidering C. Phillip Hansen. John Scott. Pragmatism in International Relations. Harry Bauer. Cosmopolitanism and International Relations Theory. Richard Beardsworth. Political Sociology for a Globalizing World. Michael Drake.

Power in World Politics. Felix Berenskoetter. Gerard Delanty. Feminist Theory in Pursuit of the Public. The Global Age. Martin Albrow. Marxism Beyond Marxism. Saree Makdisi. Revolutionary Pedagogies. Peter Trifonas. Critical Theory of International Politics. Steven C. James Martin. Deprovincializing Habermas.

Tom Bailey.

Interpreting theories in international relations

The A to Z of Feminist Philosophy. Catherine Villanueva Gardner. Worldly Ethics. Ella Myers. The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences. George Steinmetz. Law, Culture and Society. Roger Cotterrell. The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy. Mark Purcell.

Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy

The New Agenda for International Relations. Stephanie Lawson. Poststructuralism, Marxism, and Neoliberalism. Michael A. Routledge Handbook of Ethics and International Relations. Brent J. Foucault and the Politics of Rights. A Political Economy of the Senses. Anita Chari. Liberalism, Neoliberalism, Social Democracy. Mark Olssen.

The Political Thought of Karl Popper. Jeremy Shearmur. The Future of International Relations. Iver B. A Whole New World. Hegemony and Power. Mark Haugaard. Class in Education.

Deborah Kelsh. Critical Imaginations in International Relations. Routledge Handbook of International Political Sociology. Xavier Guillaume.

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European Integration and the Problem of the State. Stefan Borg. Foucault and International Relations. Nicholas J. Critical Rationalism and Globalization. Masoud Mohammadi Alamuti. European Identity and Citizenship. Sanja Ivic. Post-Modernism, Economics and Knowledge. Jack Amariglio. Culture and Security. Michael Williams. Radical Democracy and Collective Movements Today. Alexandros Kioupkiolis. The Handbook of Sociocultural Anthropology.

Boğaziçi University - Graduate Program in Conference Interpreting

James G. Alker and IR. Paperback - Ebook - The interpretive literature in the history of political thought is now vast, complex and esoteric, posing as much a barrier to the understanding of the undergraduate student as it offers assistance. This unique and This unique and innovative text provides the student with a guide through this maze of argument.

Each chapter sets out the major positions and debates that surround the texts of key thinkers, analyzes major problems of interpreting them, examines the sources of disagreement, and evaluates the different interpretations in terms of their strengths, weaknesses and contributions to scholarship. An innovative and studentfriendly new text for courses on modern political theory Unique in focus on introducing key interpretations of work of each major thinker Covers all the key thinkers and key debates.

Show More. Show Less. Introduction; A. Edwards and J. Townshend Machiavelli; M. Ramsay Hobbes; A.